Digital Marketing

Content & Strategy: baby steps

Words like “your” or “you” show customers that you’re thinking about them. It’s a simple, personalized touch that can go a long way to increase sales.

Sales have transformed through the past decades. Somebody calls it sales acceleration, automation, or even optimization. Back in the 90s, the only way to sell something was knocking on doors and cold calling, whereas nowadays you go digital through SEM, SEO, SMM, Cold Emailing and etc.

Whatever your sale is, the most important things are content and strategy aimed at optimizing, improving, and driving sales conversion.

Here are some tips on what your strategy can look like:

1. Don’t sell yourself 🙂 Try to provide your customer with a solution. Sales reps aren’t just appointment setters; they create dreams and start building trust, credibility, and rapport.

2. Personalization. The more data points you can get before reach out, the higher chances of converting your prospect into a customer you will have. Try to find out who the prospect’s colleagues are, his or her favorite restaurant etc. Thus, in the end, when you contact your prospect, the template looks like the following:

Hi {{prospect.first_name}},

I’ve been assisting a few companies similar to {Company Short} in the {Industry Sub} space helping them grow their social media accounts to successfully engage and convert more customers.

This made me curious about {Company Short’S} strategy you and {2ndContact} are doing to engage your customers in {Company City}….

3. DON’T criticize your prospect’s product! It can easily backfire. For example, if you say something “Hey, your website can be improved, let’s have a brief chat and I will tell you the solution I can provide you with bla bla bla”, the answer might be something like “fuck off dude”.

4. The most important point is to DEVELOP YOUR OWN templates, strategy etc. to stand out. At the end of the day, you want to be like no other, don’t you?

5. Keep your finger on the pulse. It does not matter what campaign you are doing (SMM, SEO, SEM, E-mail outbound etc.) remember to gather your data, analyze it and make conclusions. Only numbers can truly tell you if it is something wrong with the target location, or prospects, or content and etc.

Again, this list ain’t perfect as there’s always room for improvement. However, keep the tips in mind when dealing with content creation. I bet you a dinner that it certainly will help you increase, attract, engage and convert more customers out of the prospects.